DEFRA clarifies their position on domestic wood burning

DEFRA clarifies their position on domestic wood burning

In January 2016, the Government launched their Clean Air strategy for the United Kingdom. While the strategy has been broadly welcomed by the industry, it has also been a thorn in the industry’s side due to scaremongering headlines in the national and local press, such as “Are wood burning stoves going to get the chop?”, “Is my wood burning stove really killing me?” and “Air pollution plans to tackle wood burners?”.

Understandably, this has led consumers to question whether they should invest hundreds or thousands of pounds in a luxury for their homes, in case they are banned in the future.

Burning Desire Fireplace Centre (UK) Ltd is pleased to share with you a letter received by one of our suppliers from Dr Theresa Coffey MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment. The final paragraph states the following:-

“I hope this letter reassures your constituent that we are not considering banning domestic burning. The Government recognises that households have installed wood burning stoves and the Government is not seeking to prevent their use or installation, however, we are keen to encourage consumers to switch to cleaner burning”.

Simply having a modern stove, correctly installed and burning the correct fuel will automatically allow consumers to practice cleaner burning.