Clearview Vision 500 – Live on Display


The Clearview Vision 500 Woodburning Stove was the first multifuel stove approved for burning wood and authorised fuel in UK smoke control areas. Available in 7 colours and in three designs – Flat Top, Low Canopy or High Canopy. This stove has a large single door with a clean burning clear view common to all Clearview Stoves. The deep firebox can take 15″ logs and the flat top design has a good cooking surface.


  • Brand: Clearview
  • Output: 8kw (range 1.5 – 8kw)
  • Efficiency: 71%
  • Weight: 125kg
  • Flue Outlet: Top or Rear 150mm (6″) diameter
  • DEFRA: Approved (additional kit required)
  • Style: Traditional
  • Output Range (KW): 3-5kW
  • Output Range (KW): 6-8kW
  • Model type: Freestanding