Esse 350 Inset Multi-fuel Stove – On Display


The Esse 350 Multi-Fuel Inset Stove is typical of ESSE’s innovative thinking, this convector stoves represent a unique solution to fireplace conversion – replacing an inefficient open fire with continuous controlled warmth, coupled to exceptional fuel economy.

ESSE pioneered convector stoves back in the 1920s, and we’ve been further developing the technology ever since.

Both these models feature a heat exchange convection chamber, with the firebox sitting inside a second outer casing with a cavity between the two. Cool air from the room is drawn in at the base of the stove and heated before rising out of the top of the stove into the room, keeping the mantle cooler.

Unlike ordinary stoves, which only emit heat in straight lines, ESSE convector stoves emit both radiation and a continuous gentle stream of hot air, evenly heating every corner of the room.

With a heat output of 5kW, the Esse 350 Multi-Fuel Inset Stove can fit straight into a standard fireplace. Advanced features include precision air intake control; secondary air control, allowing you to burn either wood or smokeless fuel; and ESSE’s Afterburn™ airwash technology, which gives you exceptional burn rate control, while keeping the glass door clear at all times.

The Esse 350 Multi-Fuel Inset Stove is available with a traditional style door or in a contemporary black mirrored finish with steel handle.


  • Clearances to combustibles: 150mm sides, 400mm top & 250mm front.