Paragon Focus18″ HE – Live in Showroom


The Paragon Focus 18″ HE fire is an extra wide inset fire, giving an exceptional fuel bed and flame. 18 inch wide fires had become a thing of the past due to the large gas input needed to get a decent flame, which also meant you needed additional ventilation in your room.

The Focus HE gets around these problems with a fire that is designed to give a superb realistic flame picture from a modest 5.7kW input, meaning there is no need for additional ventilation


  • 5.7kW input, no need for added ventilation
  • 4.2kW Output
  • 82% efficiency
  • Extra wide fuel bed and flame
  • Suitable for both Class 1 & Class 2 flues
  • Full sequence infra red remote control, that lights the pilot light as well as the fire, saving energy and carbon emissions.
  • Manual control also available
  • Traditional or hole-in-the-wall installation
  • A complete range of trim, fret and fascia options
  • Two fuel beds – coal or pebble