Philip & Anne Sweeney

Retired Fireman, Philip Sweeney explains how his new fire has improved his house…

“We had our new fire installed back in February and I can quite honestly say that it is the best thing since sliced bread!

We used to have a gas one before (living coal effect), but that didn’t really reach the corners of our living / dining room. Since getting this new one we have not had to have the radiator on, so that’s saving us money. I went to Burning Desire because they are local and their showrooms are fantastic!

Whilst I went with an idea of what I wanted, I found out that the house was not right for it. Ben talked us through what we could have – but with no hard sell whatsoever (that would have put me off). His advice was spot on and this was confirmed when he came out to do the survey.

Then the installers, well, you couldn’t even tell they had been! My only problem was that my son saw it and wanted one – so I have had to buy one for them too!”

Picture shows Phil Sweeney with his new fire