Stovax Futura 5 Woodburning Stove – Live in our Showroom


Stovax Futura 5 Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves: Clean Styling, Advanced Engineering

Clean lines and minimalist detailing make the Futura 5 a great choice for homes in need of a high-performance wood burning or multi-fuel stove with a modern feel.

Blending refined curves with uninterrupted lines, Futura wood burning and multi-fuel stoves have been designed to add style and sophistication to any interior.

Gently curving sides nod to modernity, accented by minimalist stainless steel air controls. Matching legs continue the Futura 5’s smooth contours for a clean silhouette.

Come and view this stove at Burning Desire Fireplace Centre (UK) Ltd, the largest, live stove showroom in the North West.


Prioritising flame visuals, the Futura 5 range features an expansive viewing window to provide you with an exceptional flame picture. Powerful Airwash jets located above the window direct air down the inside of the glass, keeping it clear from blackening when the stove is burning.

Fluted vermiculite bricks line the Futura’s firebox, providing a backdrop for the dancing flames and a point of interest even when the fire is out.

Responsive flame and heat adjustment

A single stainless steel air control provides complete control over the Futura’s burn rate. Quick and easy to use, the control lets you turn the stove to ‘boost mode’ for a fast start-up, when getting controlled oxygen to the fuel is critical. Once the logs are burning, you can adjust the air control to nominal running – reducing combustion air to ensure the fuel burns with high efficiency. This intuitive airflow system requires just a twist of the air control. And thanks to the design, a quick glance is all that is required to see exactly which mode your stove is set to.

Designed for high performance with low emissions

Futura 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves feature advanced combustion technology to ensure they burn with high thermal efficiency and minimal emissions. Airflow systems deliver combustion air directly to key areas of the burning fuel, minimising dead zones and facilitating a complete burn. Hydrocarbons emitted from combusting logs are ignited in the smoke above the flames, before they can leave the chimney.

The Futura’s impressive internals are the result of over 40 years of stove and fire engineering. And with this expertise, these stoves were designed to meet exacting Ecodesign standards planned for 2022. Thanks to their remarkable combustion performance, Futura wood burning and multi-fuel stoves meet every one of the reduced carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOX), organic gaseous compound (OGC) and particulate (PM) levels to satisfy Ecodesign.

But passing Ecodesign air quality requirements is not the only accomplishment of Futura stoves. Thanks to their low emissions, they also more than satisfy DEFRA smoke control zone requirements meaning they can be enjoyed in homes located in urban areas across the UK.

Fuel flexibility

Designed to offer you full fuel flexibility, the Futura 5 comes as either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove. Both models burn wood with high efficiency, with subtle differences to the internal and external design that differentiates each fuel type.

The Futura wood burning model features a flat bed in the stove’s burn chamber. This solid surface allows wood to be burnt on a bed of ash for optimum combustion conditions. Due to the depth of the burn chamber this model also features an uninterrupted flame view as logs sit below the bottom of the door frame meaning no log bar is required.

In contrast, the Futura 5 multi-fuel stove, available in November 2021, features an advanced closeable riddling grate in the bottom of the burn chamber. When open, the riddling grate allows air to circulate beneath mineral fuels to create the perfect conditions for combustion. Using the supplied tool, the grate system can be ‘riddled’, moving the grate back and forth to allow ash to fall into the drawer below for easy removal. Once closed, the riddling grate forms a solid surface allowing ash to build up to create excellent burning conditions for logs.

Your choice of Futura 5 stove will depend on whether you require fuel flexibility or wish to only burn logs. But whichever you choose, you can be sure each will provide high heating performance.

Versatile installation options

Built into the Futura’s sleek exterior are integrated heat shields designed to reduce the amount of heat reaching areas of the room to the sides, rear, and below the stove. Not only does this mean more heat is delivered from the front of the stove as desired, but it also gives you more choice when it comes to siting your stove – particularly where combustible materials may be concerned. Thanks to the Futura range’s design, these stoves can be installed on a low-profile decorative 12mm hearth, instead of the usually required 25mm constructional hearth – giving you the option of ceramic glass, tiles, or other stylish non-combustible hearth materials if desired.

Futura stoves also have the option of being room sealed with an external air supply, allowing both wood burning and multi-fuel stoves to take combustion air from the exterior of the property to minimise internal drafts. Featuring an integrated external air connection, Futura stoves can simply be connected to an external air pipe during installation with no additional kit required.