Stovax Huntingdon 30 Multifuel Stove – Live in our Showroom


All-New Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Elegant details. Innovative combustion systems. The Stovax Huntingdon 30 looks both forward and back thanks to its cutting-edge airflow systems and heritage design. Combining classical styling with the latest in solid fuel heating technology, Huntingdon stoves bring both stunning looks and a practical heating solution to your home.

Heritage meets innovation

Designing a stove that captures the rich heritage of British wood burners, whilst exceeding modern requirements for high-performance heating and expansive flame visuals isn’t easy. That’s why we took a whole new approach to the Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign stove.

Its all in the details

The Huntingdon 30’s refined aesthetic is achieved with traditional cast iron detailing, which decorates this wood burning stove’s exterior. An arched window demonstrates the stove’s strong architectural influences with carefully moulded piping framing the glass.

Both the stove’s top plate and skirting are cast iron, and feature tasteful cornicing that sweeps around the stove. Intricate fluting is moulded into this wood burning stove’s cast iron sides, ensuring it looks just as good in an open, freestanding setting as it does in an inglenook fireplace.

Echoing this log burner’s classic styling, a tapered door handle curves into faceted grip. The handle can be removed if desired to achieve a more minimalist appearance.

Four cabriole legs lift the Huntingdon 30 off the floor. This wood burning stove is a great choice for decoratively tiled hearths which can still be appreciated beneath the stove.

Two distinctive door styling options let you choose how your Huntingdon 30 wood burning stove will look. The Tracery Door version maintains the stove’s Gothic influences, adding cast iron tracery in elegant, interconnecting arches across the glass. For an uninterrupted view, the Clear Door version lends a slightly more streamlined feel to Huntingdon wood burning stoves. Regardless of which style you choose, the Huntingdon 30’s expansive window offers a superb view of the flames.

Come and view this stove at Burning Desire Fireplace Centre (UK) Ltd, the largest, live stove showroom in the North WEst.


A single, convenient air control

This traditional wood burner features a state-of-the-art, intuitive control system. Designed to be quick and easy to use, the single air control provides a rapid start-up setting along with easy heat output regulation once the stove is burning. With just a simple movement of the air control, you can easily adjust the stove’s combustion air intake at any stage of the burn cycle and increase airflow to help logs ignite quickly and efficiently. Once larger logs have been added and the stove is burning well, the air control can be conveniently set to the nominal burn setting to provide high-efficiency heating.

Designed for our environment

The Huntingdon 30’s classic exterior masks its advanced internal combustion systems, which have been developed to meet extremely high standards of both thermal efficiency and emissions. Innovative firebox design coupled with advanced airflow engineering ensures the fire receives air exactly where it’s needed. Airflow ports in the Huntingdon’s burn chamber are located above the flames, burning off gases emitted by combusting logs and reducing the amount of smoke leaving the chimney.

Meeting and exceeding future Ecodesign Air Quality Standards was one of the Huntingdon 30’s key design parameters. Their low emission, high-efficiency combustion systems mean both Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves burn far cleaner than older log burners, ensuring smoke emissions such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOX), organic gaseous compounds (OGC) and particulates (PM) are minimised. Thanks to their eco-focused design, Huntingdon 30 stoves are also DEFRA Smoke Control Area exempt as standard, meaning they can be installed in urban or rural areas alike.

Choose from wood burning and multi-fuel versions

The Huntingdon 30 comes in two versions; a dedicated wood burning stove and multi-fuel stove. Visually there is little difference between the Huntingdon multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, save for a discrete log bar present on the former.

Both versions burn wood, but the Huntingdon 30 multi-fuel stove also allows you to burn smokeless mineral fuels for a flexible heating solution.

Logs and smokeless fuels burn differently, so the Huntingdon 30 multi-fuel stove has been designed with a remarkably versatile combustion chamber to ensure it could burn either fuel type with high performance.

Wood burns best on a bed of hot ash, with combustion air igniting the gases in the flames above. Smokeless mineral fuels, on the other hand, need combustion air beneath them to burn effectively.

To create optimum burning conditions for either fuel, the Huntingdon 30 multi-fuel utilises a specially designed external riddling grate that can be easily closed when burning wood and opened when burning mineral fuels.

Greater freedom to site your stove where you want

Due to the high temperatures wood burning and multi-fuel stoves can reach, they must be installed certain distances from materials that might combust such as wood, plaster or upholstery. To minimise these distances and give you greater freedom to choose where and how your stove will be installed, Huntingdon 30 stoves feature built-in heat shielding as well as an innovative convector design. Hot air is channeled from the rear of the stove back towards the room, reducing temperatures around the appliance and reducing required distances to combustibles. Temperatures below the stove are also reduced, allowing the Huntingdon 30 range to be installed on a low-profile decorative 12mm hearth, instead of the usually required 25mm constructional hearth.