Paragon Core 16″ HE Inset Fire – Live in Showroom


The Paragon Core is the latest member of the highly successful 16” x 22” high efficiency glass fronted range. The new Core is built on the experience gained over the last two decades of glass fronted manufacturing and taken on board further technical gains in burner design, Fire box development plus ceramic fibre technology. The product will include the new “Core burner technology” which produces ember and random dancing flames covering the complete viewing area. The internal fire box walls are lined in high temperature reflective black glass which adds to the authentic glow and random dancing flame effect. The log shapes are the first to use the latest high definition fibre detail and are finished in our “first Cut” log colour decoration.

Along with its outstanding looks the Paragon Core will provide you with an efficiency up 82.9 % which result in a heat output of 4kW.

The Paragon Core offers two alternative control options in the way of slide control and remote control making the operation of the appliance easy.


  • Availiable in slide control and Inferred remote control
  • High temperature Black Glass Mirror Fire box liners fitted as Standard.
  • High definition log effect fuel bed.
  • Availiable with anti-reflective viewing as an optional extra. This reduces the majority of reflection and gives the fire an “open” effect.
  • The Core is suitable to be fitted with all the current Paragon range of Trim, Fret and Fascia options.